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French sculptor in Normandy

Thierry Farcy is a plastic artist with a singular course, passed at the same time by the Fine Arts of Caen and by the benches of the faculty of Medicine. He has always been passionate about the living world.

His profession as a doctor helps him to understand the anatomical and biological functioning of the human being, while his artistic activity allows him to explore a more intuitive dimension of man, which cannot be explained by science.

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Thierry Farcy
Artist and Sculptor in Normandy

Whether it is about installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, videos, or still photographs (of sculptures in ice), the works of contemporary art of Thierry Farcy are often bound to this representation of the human being. These heads in cement are depersonalized, anonymized, which is the raw material of his work of sculptor. His artistic performances have vocation to disturb, to question, giving sometimes to see fragmented, decapitated, fossilized skulls. From the bronze sculpture to the cinderblock wall, Thierry Farcy works and sculpts different materials, as if to knead these wounded human bodies that he has so often been in contact with.

Thanks to the drawing, he also explores the biological microcosm of our organism and its relations with the world which surrounds it, by the observation but also by the imagination which allows him to dream of a different biological world.

His work encourages us to reflect on the changes and advances in medicine, genetics and modern science, which are capable of working wonders but which also take risks on the future of life. An essential questioning, served by a sincere artistic sensitivity.

The works of Thierry Farcy were the object of several exhibitions in various cities; as in the gallery Hélène Lamarque in Paris or Miami, the white night of 2007 in Paris, in the Saint-Raymond museum during the synthetic garden festival in Toulouse, in Normandy, in the network De Visu (DRAC Normandy), in the art gallery Igda in Caen, in the city of Falaise (in the castle of Fresnaye, in the park of the castle Guillaume the Conqueror), in the European Days of the inheritance or in Alençon in the Museum of the Fine arts and the lace.

Modern Art
Thierry Farcy
sculpting artist
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